Competition-level Dressage.

All riding horses can benefit from use of dressage principles and training techniques. However, our Dressage horses are often seen at the Olympics and other international FEI competitions.

Bulk Shaving and Sawdust  Truckload quantities

We offer a wide variety of horse and pony bedding.  Cedar sawdust and shaving help keep ticks and flies away.

Plastic Bags

Dry Cedar Sawdust and Shavings For Sale

Listed: 11/01/2016

Poultry Litter

 Reduce Ammonia and urine smell with Cedar sawdust.


Bag size : 38"x 60"
PRICE: $6.00
Availability:On going
LOCATION: Pittsburgh PA

Listed: 12/02/2012

Bulk: Pick up truckload
PRICE: $50
Listed: 11/22/2012
LOCATION: Pittsburgh PA15233

Listed: 12/02/2012

  • Racing
  • Show Jumping

  • Dressage

  • Polo

  • Fox Hunting

  • Combined Training

  • Studs

  • Mares

  • Foals

BREED:Laying chickens
East Coast Lumber Company


  We manufacture Cedar wood products.  Shavings and sawdust are a by product of our oporation.  For Wholesale prices on Bagged sawdust for animal bedding, riding stables, diary farms, zoo's, farm animals. please contact us.


Listed: 12/02/2015